Gallery Show - December/January 2016



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Complete information on our Instashow is available HERE:

On November 10th we invited our customers, Instagrammer’s and Zayed University in Dubai, U.A.E. to “enter” our Instagram Style call for entries. The difference was that we had no curator, no selection committee nothing, if you entered we would show the work. See the results here.


All of the work in the show is for sale
$25 for a 11” x 11” or $40 for a 14” x 14”
or $95 for a 22” x 22” click here for details



Oct/Nov 2015

Bliss, more Bliss and Dirty Money

Sept/Oct 2015

Virtual Still & Still Movement

Anna Tas &
Tim Portlock

June/July 2015

Jack Shapiro

May/June 2015

IRAN Unveiled

Dr. Sabrina DeTurk

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