Gallery Show - May / June 2015

IRAN Unveiled - Recent Photographs of Tehran


Artists Statement

Image Gallery

Silicon's first formal show in some time was inspired by Sabrina DeTurk's trip to IRAN and the resulting images.

I was with Sabrina while she was arranging the trip and accompanied her to the Iranian Embassy in Dubai.

If you are American or British you need a VISA to visit Iran and you can only get a VISA if you have a local agent arrange the hotel, travel arrangements and guide. You can only get a local agent if you have a round trip flight booked.

So it's all on faith that you will actually get to the country after paying for the flight.

Unlike pretty much any other place in the world Iran has no international ATM machines every-thing has to be paid for in cash.

I was fascinated by her accounts of the trip and we plan to visit there together soon.


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