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Basic Print Charges & Guidelines


All Prices are intended as a guide and are subject to change without notice.

Miscellaneous print related charges

  • Minimum Charge (for anything) $25
  • Image Adjustment we are happy to make minor adjustments to your files at no charge. If you want to sit with us while we adjust your files there is a $60 an hour charge, which is charged in 15 minute increments and must be booked in advance.
  • Studio Rental - If you wish to sit with us, make image adjustments and print proofs on-the-spot there is a studio rental charge of $2,000 per day, minimum 1/2 day and it must be booked in advance
  • Rush Charge -Same Day 100%, 24 Hours 50%
  • Cutting - first four cuts free, then 25 cents a cut
  • Deckled Edges - All four edges up to 20 x 30 $5 over 20 x 30 $10
  • Creating files for offset print - call for details and price.
  • Miscellanous editing $60 an hour charged in 15 minute increments
  • Set up of images for printing, no charge if the image is at the correct size and resolution. If we need to resize  the image and add white space, crop etc there is a $5 charge per image.
  • De-archive fee - we keep files available on-line for 12 months, after that time there is a de-archive fee of $10. If the file is over 5 years old the de-archive fee is $50.

Print Prices

All the prints we make are archival to museum standards. We have two grades of paper, "premium" and "fine art". "Premium" refers to the premium papers offered by Epson for their printers. They are archival and print exceptionally well.


Fine Art papers are the more expensive 100% cotton rag and alpha cellulose papers in much heavier weights and with different characteristics. Our standard fine art papers are Hahnemühle Photo Rag and German Etch, Innova FibaPrint® Ultra Smooth Gloss plus  matte and satin canvas.

At additional cost we also carry other papers from from Innova, Hahnemühle, Canson (Arches), Crane Museo and Canvas from Innova, Fredrx and Epson. We stock most of these papers in 44" widths. They are only available in strips of 44" wide with a minimum of 12". We hate to waste paper so this encourages the use of the full width of paper.

We also carry a wide range of specialty paper including rice papers, fabrics and other weird substrates including PhotoTEX and Tyvek (great for wallpaper), Mylar, clear acrylic film and a host of other materials. Click here for a complete list.

Surface mounting

Our mounting process is archival, permanent and non-reversible. We use a cold, roll fed pressure based laminating press with a white high tack permanent solvent-based acrylic, which has an opaque white liner.

Face Mounting

Face mounted prints can be the perfect compliment to a work and provide a modern clean look for your work which appears to float off the wall.

Prices include everything including the print and all mounting hardware (except screws). If you compare it to having a work printed and framed  the prices look pretty good!

Prices for Scanning /Digitizing Original work


  • Photo based negatives
    slides and transparencies     $  25
  • Flat art up to 11" x 17"             $  25
  • Flat art up to 20" x 30"          $  50
  • Flat art over 20" x 30"            $100

Some works over 4' x 6' may be subject to a surcharge  -  check for details

For quantities please call for a quote

Roger Dean limited edition print for "Yestival" at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden

Contract Printing


We are a print-on-demand shop which, for most customers is perfect. You make a print, declare an edition and only need to print the work when it sells. We have successful editions which are still being sold many years after we made the first copy.

If you need all of your edition at one time we can offer special contract pricing.

For wall coverings we offer special pricing for PhotoTEX and Tyvek at $5.00 a square foot. Minimum 100 square feet and priced per roll. Available in 36", 42" and 60" widths.


Please contact Rick De Coyte for details



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