Fine Art Prints

Example of proof for color

Example of proof for size


This is where we are way different, if you are not sure how your print will turn out and don’t want to spend your hard earned money on a 40” x 60” print only to find that it’s not that great you can make a proof.

Before you make your print let us make you a proof at around 8” x 10” of the whole thing for color or a section of the image at final size which you can check out at home or studio before we make the final print. And we will only charge you $10 or $12 for the proof (plus shipping) so you don’t waste your money and can be sure you are getting what you want before paying for it.

Example of proof for color and a section at final size above.

Example: Use proof for color if you want a 30 x 40 print but are not sure of the color then get a proof of the whole thing

Example: If  you want a 30 x 40 but are not sure the resolution will hold up – then get a section at final size.


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