Send us a file

Please make sure to include your name and instructions when you send files

We use Hightail to send and receive files, the service is free for casual users and we also subscribe so that our customers can easily send files to use without any complex logon or special software required. We also use Hightail to send scanned files to our customers.

If you prefer you can use other services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, or wetransfer.
BUT if you decide to use one of these services you must notify us that you have sent a file.

Please e-mail and tell us!



Files must be sent ready to print, that means the files must have the correct dimensions and if any white space is required that must be included in the file. The resolution can no more than 360 dpi and no less than 180 dpi at actual size. We recommend 240 dpi which is optimal or 180 dpi for very large files.

If multiple files are sent they must all have the same resolution and be in the same color space. We recommend Adobe RGB 1998 or 16 bit files in ProPhoto. sRGB files print well but have a slightly narrow gamut. Please see our FAQ section for file preparation help.

Files sent in the wrong size, without white space or requiring cropping may be subject to additional charges (see print pricing for details).

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