Combination Prints and Lenticular Images




Combination Prints

Chine Collé - Digital is great, but combine it with a traditional print and you have something very special.

The image on the left is a "chine collé". It was created using a one color copper etching and a full color digital print on rice paper. At C.R. Ettinger Studio, a traditional intaglio press, the rice paper is dampened and glue is applied, then the copper plate is inked and laid on top of the rice paper and then the whole thing is run through the press. The ink is transferred to the rice paper and simultaneously attached to the heavier paper.

Another example of Chine Collé is a print we made for Philagrafika:




Silk Screen and Digital - The original painting had
diamond dust in areas of the image and we wanted to make something similar on the print.

We made a scan from the original and then using Photoshop we masked out the area with the diamond dust. We printed the mask on clear acetate which was exposed to make a silk screen. Then printmaker Kay Healey silk screened a clear archival glue on the print which was then hand coated with sprinkles. The resulting print has really cool sparkles on it.







Digital et al - The image on the left is pretty complicated as it used three processes to complete, maybe overkill but a great print.

We made a digital full color print on a heavy cotton rag paper. Sue Patterson then used a letter press to print the text on the paper in white ink. The she printed two colors using offset lithograph and fluorescent inks to make the lights on the Christmas tree. The print looks great under lights and in the dark the lights on the tree glow in red and white.



So far we have done digital and Chine-Collé, Embossment, Wood Block, Linocut, laser cut shapes and Silk Screen. These hybrid prints work best if you have a problem to solve rather than doing it for the sake of the process. Check out this movie.

For the creative and brave of heart! Call or e-mail Rick for more information.


Lenticular Images

Lenticular images are prints that move, change or appear to be three dimensional.

They come in two types, Flippers and 3D prints. Your start by providing us with 2 - 24 images. We use special software to interlace the files. Then we print the images on glossy paper and face mount them to special clear plastic panels which are made with lenses running down them. When viewed the images change depending on the angle of the viewer.

Lenticular Flippers

Flippers are usually made up of 2 images and they "flip" between the two images.

Lenticular 3D

3D images are made up of 12 - 24 images and when carefully crafted can give the impression of 3D.


If you are interested in Lenticular images please e-mail, call or visit and we can talk about your vision.


We don't bind books but we do print pages for very limited edition art books. Notable projects in the past are Jane Hammond's BE ZANY, POISED HARPISTS/ BE BLUE, LITTLE SPARROWS which we made in conjunction with Dieu Donne and Edward Sanders Book of Glyphs published by Granary Books.


Image: Kate Abercrombie

Process: Chine Colle - C.R. Ettinger Studio & Silicon

Image: Kenney Scharf

Process; Digital and silk screen sparkles - Kay Healey and Silicon

Image: Sue Patterson

Process: Digital, letterpress, lithograph phosphorescent ink

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